Alpha Vox

Upcoming open-source browser engine in V

A completely new browser engine built from scratch

Vox focuses on performance and minimal resource usage. It will make your device feel snappy again.

Using Hacker News as a test (JS disabled in all browsers):

  • 20x faster rendering than Chrome (3ms vs 60ms)
  • 4x less RAM usage than FireFox
  • 40% less CPU usage than FireFox

Vox is still in alpha.
Builds for Windows/macOS/Linux are available.
Source code release in 2024.

If you're interested in contributing, join our Discord to join the development.

Easy and efficient embedding

A light and fast alternative to Electron.

Develop cross platforms apps quickly. Vox will be a drop-in replacement to Electron.

V8 JavaScript engine

Vox uses the highly optimized V8 JavaScript engine. It ensures compatibility with existing websites and performance. In the future we may develop our own minimal engine.

Using V as a scripting language instead of JavaScript

Vox will have a way to use V instead of JS to get better performance and much lower RAM usage.

Headless mode

Easy to integrate for developers

Something more

Something more

No ads, for ever

Efficient built-in ad blocker

Based on Ublock Origin.

Mouse gestures

Go back/forward, close tabs, refresh pages with your mouse, like in the old Opera browser.

Vertical tabs

A settings option to have vertical tabs.

Keyboard navigation

Vim bindings.

Compatibility with Chrome addons

The goal is to make all Chrome addons work automatically.

Something more

Something more

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